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Session 12

Final MCA Session

Session 12

We have a super awesome final session for yall! Shoyeb “Sunny” Panjwani is an Environmental and Thermal Operating Systems (ETHOS) Flight Controller
for the International Space Station (ISS) at Johnson Space Center (JSC). In 2018, Sunny began working at
JSC as an intern for the ISS Program Science Office, where he co-authored sections on the
commercialization and economic valuation of the low earth orbit marketplace for the ISS Benefits for
Humanity 3 rd Ed publication. In 2019, he was hired to the ETHOS group to train for real time operations
in life support, thermal, and emergency systems. In his 4 years with ETHOS, Sunny has completed three
flight controller certifications, and has supported mission critical operations including extravehicular
activities (EVA), vehicle docking/undocking, major component repairs, and was on console during an ISS
spacecraft emergency. Sunny is currently the lead subject matter expert for the Thermal Amine CO2
scrubber, and the lead ETHOS for the maiden flight of the Japanese Cargo Vehicle, HTV-X1.

Pre-Session Recording

Main Session Recording

Did you miss the session?
Watch the recording and then use the link below to complete a summary report. This will allow you to make up the absence.

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