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Session 8

Budget Management

Session 8

The pre-session for this session will start at 4pm PT and consist of meeting with your role mentors to cover some important info for your next deliverables!

After which you will get to hear from Vince Elliott!
Mr. Elliott has extensive experience and qualifications in mission management at NASA. He has served in numerous roles within the Agency, but most specifically, managing the business scope on NASA space flight missions as the DPM-R. Mr.
Elliott’s most relevant experiences has been overseeing the resources on both the Lucy and OSIRIS-REx missions. As with DAVINCI+, Lucy is a Discovery-class mission scheduled to launch in October 2021. At that time, Project Management will transition to GSFC’s Space Science Mission Operations Project. OSIRIS-REx, a New Frontiers-class mission, launched in September 2016 and is expected to collect a sample of the surface of asteroid Bennu in 2020. At the time of launch and Mr. Elliott’s transition off the mission, OSIRIS-REx had completed development on-schedule and under budget. DPM-R responsibilities include management of
finance, workforce, acquisitions, property, space, configuration management, cost risks, and really anything not named ‘engineering’ or ‘science’. The Lucy and OSIRIS-REx experiences are explicitly well-suited for DAVINCI+ in that many of the business partners are the same; LM, APL, KinetX and GSFC. Procedures, processes and relationships have already been forged making transition to DAVINCI+ seamless. Mr. Elliott’s experience is diverse among science missions in flight project business management with roles on planetary and astrophysics missions. Further diversity is among missions in formulation, implementation and operations.
Mr. Elliott began his career at NASA in 2003 where he helped bring NASA/GSFC into the fundamentally new realm of full cost accounting and budgeting as well as the new SAP financial system. Further experience includes numerous smaller technical efforts and teams improving business practices and tools such as BOE generation, Cost Reserve Management, Parts/Supplies management, Funds Control, Full Cost Builder and others.

Pre-Session Recording

Main Session Recording

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Watch the recording and then use the link below to complete a summary report. This will allow you to make up the absence.

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