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Session 10

Session 10

August 1, 2023

4pm PT

The pre-session for tonight's session will be introducing the PDR, your final deliverable in the academy! Then we will hear from our guest speaker, Michael Amato. Michael is a systems engineer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He is the manager and lead engineer for Goddard’s Planetary and Lunar line of business. As such he helps lead the development of Goddard’s solar system pursuit strategy, technology investments, new instrument and mission development, partnerships, studies and proposals. He has a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and a graduate degree in systems engineering. Michael has over 28 years of experience developing and building a variety of flight instruments and missions at NASA, working in both the science and engineering directorates at Goddard and has been lucky enough to help develop dozens of solar system missions, instruments and subsystems during that time.

Did you miss the session?
Watch the recording and then use the link below to complete a summary report. This will allow you to make up the absence.

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