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Session 6

Session 6

June 27, 2023

4pm PT

This session will start with a pre-session that will allow you to meet with your role mentors and ask any questions you might have regarding MCR Feedback or the upcoming SRR. After which we will hear from an awesome guest speaker. Leann Bowen is a highly skilled Systems Engineer with a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University. Since joining the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in July 2020, she has been involved in two significant flight projects.. Initially, as a System Testbed Engineer for the Mars2020 mission, Bowen played a pivotal role in testing and validating the systems deployed to the red planet. Recently, Bowen has assumed the position of Flight System Systems Engineer for the Psyche mission, which involves exploring a metallic asteroid. In this role, she oversees the design, development, and integration of the spacecraft's systems. Alongside her industry experience, Bowen has actively contributed to the LSPACE program since 2019, initially as a Mentor, sharing her knowledge and expertise with aspiring engineers. Her commitment to education and passion for nurturing talent led her to return to LSPACE as the program's Lead Engineer. In this capacity, she provides invaluable guidance and support to students, utilizing her extensive knowledge to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Did you miss the session?
Watch the recording and then use the link below to complete a summary report. This will allow you to make up the absence.

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