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John Dankanich
Chief Technologist, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 

Speaker Bio

John Dankanich has had career evolution from a window washer, knife salesman, security guard, public school teacher, university guest lecturer, and rocket scientist. He has two young children and hopes to pass his love of reading of all subjects and continuous learning to them both. He received undergraduate and graduate degrees from Purdue University in Aeronautical and Astronautically Engineering. He served as the Chief Technologist of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and the NASA Agency capability lead for In-Space Transportation. He is a champion of innovation and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. He works with Space Technology entrepreneurs and promotes cross-industry collaboration. He is a recognized subject matter expert in advanced propulsion technology, system testing, and mission design. He helps prioritize investments in technologies to support future needs of the US Space Sector.

Session recording

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