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Siemens NX

All parts of spacecraft start from somewhere. From a drawing on the back of a napkin to a fully rendered 3D model on a computer, engineers at NASA ultimately design all of these using the most sophisticated softwares. NX is a Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software that is highly desired within the aerospace industry, including NASA, but acquiring the software and training on your own can be quite expensive. Our partner, and owner of the NX CAD software, Siemens, is providing this software to the students of L’SPACE for free. Through this skill module you will have the opportunity to learn how to model parts, create assemblies, and make engineering drawings of your mission concept’s spacecraft. 

Participants in L’SPACE will also have the opportunity to earn the NX Design Associate Certification for free, which will help set them far apart from other job applicants. To learn more about the certification process please click here (roadmap is still in progress).


Training Videos

Training 1

Training 3

Training 2

Training 4


Supplemental Videos

How to upload files

How to use the measure tool

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